Is Zumba the Best Dance Based Fitness Class Ever


With a Zumba class in what seems like every gym, dance studio and local YMCA, it got me thinking. So, I’m wondering, is Zumba the best fitness class to have ever been thought up? Moreover, what is the secret that makes this dance-fitness phenomenon so popular?

Well, in this article I intend to find out.

What Is Zumba?

Possibly everybody on the planet has heard of Zumba. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at your local gym, or by a pool on an exotic holiday, there are Zumba classes happening everywhere!

Zumba classes offer a party atmosphere with a feisty Latin flavor. Therefore, it’s easy to see why it’s quite possibly the biggest dance-fitness craze to happen this century.

Created by Colombian dancer Alberto ‘Berto’ Perez, Zumba fitness first appeared in the 1990s. However, over the past decade, Zumba classes have become increasingly fashionable throughout the fitness community, especially in the US and Europe.

With an army of instructors dotted around the globe, there are hundreds of Zumba classes taking place throughout the world every day. Wherever you are, you’re sure to find a class happening weekly on almost every corner.

Although people tend to think of the basic Zumba fitness class, the brand continues to rapidly expand. There are now 12 different Zumba sessions available, suitable for people of all ages. Making this fascinating fitness sensation even more accessible.

What Are the Benefits of Zumba Classes?

Zumba offers a wide array of health and fitness benefits. Obviously some are tailored to each specific session; however, there are a number of benefits every participant will gain from any session. These include improving:

  • Muscular tone.
  • Cardio fitness and endurance.
  • Balance.
  • Coordination.
  • Flexibility.

As fun is the focus of every session, Zumba classes can also improve your mental health by relieving symptoms of stress and depression.

Moreover, if you are looking for a class that will melt the pounds away, Zumba could definitely be for you. Zumba is reported to burn up to 1000 calories in just 60 minutes and will leave you feeling the burn!


Where to Start with Zumba

As already mentioned, Zumba is everywhere. If you are interested in joining a Zumba class, first of all, you need to think about what class would be best suited to you. There are specific sessions for kids, adults, and seniors, as well as classes for general fitness and toning.

The best place to start would be with the official Zumba website, where you can type in your address and it will give you a list of all your local instructors and the classes they teach, as well as when and where they are held.

Different Zumba Classes Available

Here are some examples of the different types of Zumba classes that are available.

For Kids

  • Zumbini: For 0–3 years.
  • Zumba Kids Jr: For 4–6 years.
  • Zumba Kids: For 7–11 years.

For Adults

  • Zumba Fitness: Aerobic fitness class.
  • Zumba Step: Step aerobics with a Zumba flavor.
  • Strong by Zumba: High-intensity interval training Zumba session.
  • Zumba Toning: Aerobic fitness class with added hand weights.
  • Aqua Zumba: Zumba version of aqua aerobics.
  • Zumba in the Circuit: Zumba circuit training.

For Seniors

  • Zumba Gold: A lower impact aerobic fitness class.
  • Zumba Gold Toning: A lower impact aerobic fitness class with added hand weights.

Final Thoughts

Zumba has all the bases covered when it comes to all-around fitness classes. Plus their fun fitness sessions are what obviously makes it so popular.


So if you are one of the few people who hasn’t experienced Zumba yet, why not check out a class near you? Fitness classes are a great way to work out during cold nights.

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